Luke Frohling

Writer / Game Developer / Educator / Actor

Hello, I'm


An Australian at large


Experienced Journalist in Japan and Australia (Bachelors of Journalism) as well as years in creative writing


Seasoned Teacher in Japan, Thailand, and Australia and years as the Manager in small companies in Japan and Australia

Game Designer

A passionate and multifaceted Games Writer and Games Developer

Who is Luke?

Born in Australia, Luke was a writer at a young age and worked as a journalist in Australia for Newspapers, Radio, and (very briefly) for TV. Also an accredit Network Engineer, and TESOL/TEFL certified teacher, worked as a Network Engineer, Teacher, and Journalist in Australia, Thailand, and Japan.

He founded DigInfo – a video news production company in Tokyo (a subsidiary of Digitised Information) and built it from conception (by the owner of the simple translating business that is/was Digitised Information) into a multi-disciplinary video news production business (whose feeds are still being paid for by Reuters and Bloomberg) and hired a number of local and international people to gather content at various events throughout Japan.


Coming back to Australia he worked as a cinematographer, editor, and Foley recorder when he realised he was happier in front of the camera rather than behind it.

He then went to acting school, worked on a number of projects (student films and small productions), as an extra (in a number of big ticket features like Pirates of the Caribbean and San Andreas), in a number of advertisements (as the main lead/product representative), and in a number of photo shoots before deciding he wanted to take things more seriously and has had a number of acting roles since that time (including being Santa Claus for almost a decade).

He started a solo SEO business and video production unit whose clients included Centrelink and Pro-Axle Australia and then moved to Perth to manage Ready Team One – a groundbreaking team who pioneered Virtual Reality Free Roam with complete body and finger tracking. 

Luke currently shuttles between Perth (Australia) and Japan, he speaks basic Japanese and Thai (from living & working in those countries for prolonged periods of time), and loves karaoke and badminton.


Master of Words

From macro (building characters, narrative pathways, and entire worlds) to micro (to capture and share a moment in time) – I’ve worked industriously (as a Journalist in Australia and Japan) and creatively.

Don’t Tell Me You’re Tired @medium

You haven’t felt: Cold whispy fingers pawing through your lungs, The press of rubber-encased concrete on your chest, Silent cries from broken hearted loved ones who still trust you, Eyes that slice and leave raw flesh in their wake. Don’t.

Paralysed @medium

I have always seen myself as a writer. Though I’m also one who doesn’t write much. I do write hours upon hours of diary entries and notes and have always seen it as a fall back but never had to courage to tackle it full time. …

Thoughts Unstructured @medium

It’s such a large topic I’m unsure how to attack this. Leftism is highly dangerous, toxic, and has now forced out common sense, discussion, and humanity. Science is now actively being ignored, labeled as “hate speach”, and banned. Dating and relationships are now actively being

Games Development

Unity and Unreal Engine

I enjoy creating games with Unity (GUI and C++) and Unreal Engine (Blueprints) and seeing others experience them.


A Journey Through Characters

where you’ll embark on a captivating journey through the diverse and compelling characters I’ve had the privilege to portray. From the stage to the silver screen, this collection showcases my passion for storytelling, bringing to life a wide range of emotions and experiences. Whether it’s the intensity of a Shakespearean tragedy, the charm of a romantic lead, or the complexity of a character-driven drama, I invite you to explore the depth and versatility of my craft as an actor through these carefully curated performances.

My Blog

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