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    We had our graduation ceremony last night and it was very well organised by Tom McSweeney and others from the Warehouse Workshop. Thanks to everyone for coming as well :))   Now that I'm [...]

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    Just started a 20 week internship under casting director TomcSweeney and its intense. 

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    Universal Studios Japan Audition

    Last week I had an audition for Train Conductor / Wandkeeper. Although I made it to the second round I have a strong feeling I didn’t go further as I haven’t received word back from USJ.  Oh [...]

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    Yes! Last night I went to a special showing of the Pirates of the Caribbean 5 just for the cast. No it wasn't for the main cast just the extras :)  It was great to see all the people I worked so[...]

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    I've Been Fairly Quiet 

    Unfortunately life caught up with me and I've been studying at University and working and haven't had too much time to do what I love. What I crave. Which is acting! I've also started up a health [...]

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