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    We had our graduation ceremony last night and it was very well organised by Tom McSweeney and others from the Warehouse Workshop. Thanks to everyone for coming as well :))   Now that I'm [...]

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    Just started a 20 week internship under casting director TomcSweeney and its intense. 

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    Desire For Balance

    How do people seem to balance their work/life balance? It just seems that others are much more "put together" in doing this. It seems as soon as I sit down to work I notice others talking or being [...]

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    Bad Food

    So much to hook your attention. Your eyes are hungry for healthy and sustaining food but are easily tricked into junk and addictive mind drugs. Top 10 lists, pages selling easy fixes, enticing [...]

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    Strange Tent Fellows

    Does this light shine into the darkness or does it simply illuminate the boy? Acting is a fairly lonely field. True you may mix and mingle with people you love and respect but you will have to mix [...]

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