Hand Tracking

Continuing from last post and I took the listed tutorial as far as it would go. Next to find another hand tutorial which hopefully works. I’m trying this YouTube video. It doesn’t say which Unity version he is using – already a red flag… It looks like he is using 2019.2.6f1.

I don’t have that version so I’ll use 2019.4.26f1 (LTS) and hope for the best (HT-8Feb2022-0). Later there is also Ben’s build which I should have a look at later. Later I’d like to have a template file I can quickly load/copy so I can get started quickly on VR hand projects. Strike two- it didn’t mention installing the XR plugin-management. Strike three his accent makes everything hard to understand and he’s super quick so that’s sh!t. Nope, it’s too old and badly written and performed.

OK. I’ll try the “official” tutorial (though it’s “leaving soon” which means it probably won’t work). Nope the intro video stuttered and died and a refresh said the video was unavailable. Looks like Unity is cleaning house. Now the page (Unity) has gone down AGAIN.

There is a dedicated page that is quite dense by might be worth fighting through – The Meta/Oculus Interaction SDK. I’ll also delete the earlier project.