Hand Tracking

Tales from the battlefield continued. I’ll try this one (https://alpercanberk.medium.com/how-to-make-a-unity-app-for-oculus-quest-2-part-1-project-setup-325e6b444575) HandTracking2022-00 using Unity 2020.3.13f1. Unfortunately it also doesnt work out of the box.

Console error message

FINALLY! Something worked! With the additional step” Sure occlusion is a problem (ie. my hand overlaying in game) as it wipes out both hands from my view but its a start 🙂 Onto part two (https://alpercanberk.medium.com/how-to-make-a-unity-app-for-oculus-quest-2-part-2-hand-tracking-whiteboard-e3e97887d3c8) – this also had an error but it came from Unity requiring to be restarted (it’s very touchy) and didn’t require any changes (though next time I will save after a build). Strange that I appeared high up – possibly eye level instead of floor level.

I noticed the colour space (OVRCameraRig -> Inspector -> Display -> Color Gamut -> Rift_CV1) but on the oculus site (https://developer.oculus.com/documentation/unity/unity-color-space/) for Quest 2 it should be set to Rec_2020 (but that might be for Quest 1 and not 2). I changed it and it “felt better” in the “game” so I’ll keep it.

I noticed the script on the page didn’t include the first two initialisation lines. I’ll keep them in the DrawCircle.cs script but I also noted the public class in the first part of the script didn’t name itself as the class which is normally does/does by default when a script is created. Interesting. Their Whiteboard script does have the name of the class but also doesn’t have the first two lines either.

Holy Heck It worked!! OK, so collision detection is hit and miss as the finger won’t draw if deeply buried in the “whiteboard” nor will it if its not connecting – so depth allowance (?) would be needed to make this work but this is further than I’ve ever done/gone before! I’m way too high but this may be due to starting up Quest 2 with the guardian turned off. I had to quit the link and restart. Too high so I had to turn off developer mode so I could set the floor etc. The tutorial worked! Well, the key parts of it (ie. the hand tracking) worked but the bits about code about setting the size and placement of the substantiated boards. The main parts worked so that is better than nearly every other hand tutorial I’ve seen so far. Next step is making a game with the ingredients. I want to have a game out within the next 2 weeks.