Frustrating. I’ve spent days trying to get Link Cable connecting to this. Screw this. Waste of time. Only Virtual Desktop works, Facebook and Oculus have given the tools but they neglected to make them work. I’m tired of trying and failing at trying to connect these things 🙁 I want to be free.

I need a sign. I would love a leader like David Palmer from 24, not a President named after a French machine to clean your butt out with water. Lol, Americans colluded to kick out a man whose name means “winning” and replaced him with a doddering old man who says (not thinks) all black people are poor. So many evil people, so many sheep, so many crying babies clogging up the culture with lies and distractions, and so few people allowed to speak up for common sense and decency.

I’m tired of all the fake hatred and lies designed to force people to think one way (ie. “if you don’t think this way you’re a bad person” by presenting strawmen arguments and pressuring people to not think differently) – it’s disgusting and makes living in this world difficult. Even the smallest things.