Fixed The Link Cable Problem!

This took weeks. First problem was the cable not connecting to the Oculus Quest 2. I could not connect to the Quest and didn’t know why. Eventually I realised it was a driver problem as I noticed that I lost connectivity as soon as I updated Windows 10. Each time I would have to re-install (and select factory reset) for my AMD drivers but before long they stopped working (as Windows Update could only be frozen and not stopped). I then tried turning off Windows Update but as I don’t have the Pro version I didn’t have access to Group settings – only Services. One website said I could turn off settings or put it to manual but as soon as I updated again it stopped working.

One website showed me how to turn off driver updates in the windows update settings (Control Panel > System & Security > System > Advanced System Settings > Hardware > Device Installation Settings. Then choose “No (your device might not work as expected).”) and that looked promising but, sure enough, the update still updated the drivers anyway. It said/ I selected the option to let myself choose when / how to update the drivers and hence not be done automatically- but it didn’t stop the two updates which I found was causing the problem…

Those were the updates that were killing me. Another page said I could uninstall updates/drivers once installed- that was a lie; the remove updates page was very sparse in terms of updates it had stored. Another said you can roll back the updates- NOPE, the Device Manager allowed me uninstall the driver (which I did which blacked out one of my monitors and still didn’t hide/stop the update from happening again. Another one pointed me to a Windows tool which would hide certain updates but Windows (the notoriously crap “operating” system with, unsurprisingly, the worse search engine on the planet) has destroyed the page and not bothered to put up any redirects when they restructured- it just went to a useless FAQ page instead. God I miss Mac’s. However I felt I was finally on the right track.

Sure enough another page ( had a user called dalchina who pointed out another page had the file available ( I had to allow my Brave Browser access to the file (it fights for my freedom quite viciously but it gave me access after I asked it) and that file (wushowhide.diagcab) was finally downloaded and could be accessed.

Sure enough, once I removed the offending driver “update” and rebooted I was able to use this app (wushowhide.diagcab) to hide that update and now I can go back to updating Windows without any worries 🙂

I just let AMD take care of the AMD drivers 🙂 I just fixed a major problem with the drivers which was stopping me from using Link Cable (still not my favourite as lag/refresh is nauseating) and probably other ways of connecting. True, Virtual Desktop is my preferred way (well worth the paltry $20 I spent on it- the buggy Air Link can kiss my assets), and I have made some inroads in making it work but haven’t truly put in the time to make it so). I doubt I will in the future. Here is how to fix graphical problems with your Link Cable and Rift Mode.