Geoff’s Way of Hand Tracking

You may need to check previous posts to catch up. I was going to start with 2020.3.18f1 and if it didn’t work I’d gone with his earlier build of 2019.3.14f (he didn’t build with that in front of us but I think he did a demo to see if it worked on his computer before starting up) but I’ll start with 2019 one as Ben in a previous SMS said that model LTS seemed to work better with Geoff’s tutes- I’ll call it GeoffsTute-0. Woah, the layout is very different to what I’m used to. I’ll soldier on. After 2 hours of stuffing about (man I miss my Mac- it’s built for more intelligent people. PC is built for idiots who need to learn absolutely everything because their computer [ie Windows] is too dumb to wipe it’s own butt- especially after it makes a “mess” over everything). I mean, why does the audio suddenly get disabled in Windows? Why does USB power down for no reason and then switch on and off like a beacon screwing up data transfers? Why does every update simply make everything worse as you’ve gotta go over everything again (update every app and check every setting like AMD and Oculus) just to get back to where you were before the “update”? Windows is made for idiots. Sure the idiots can Google and find how to fix problems but these problems were CREATED to keep them busy instead of being productive – hence idiots.

I’m using it because I don’t have a Mac powerful enough to run the software I want (nor flexible enough) so I’m stuck in this kindergarten of tinkerers.


Where was I? Apart from being frustrated?