Tutes and Trials but no Tribulations

Filling in the blanks – following the Unity Pathway as on their website, now doing Essentials of Realtime 3D and discovering the tiny circle sandwiched between the box and “Albedo” is the illusive texture mapping tool that I was desperately looking for before when trying to texture map.

I just learned a very cheap lesson. When you import a new package (default is custom) it OVERWRITES your existing scene and you CANNOT restore the old scene – so rename your scenes to something original as soon as you can boys and girls 🙂 Easiest way is to create a dummy scene before importing new assets/packages as its easier to copy and past elements than recreate the entire scene from scratch. I’m glad I learnt this lesson here and not somewhere when it’s important.

OK. If there is a problem with your connection from Quest 2 to Windows 10 remove your chipset drivers (mine is AMD) and download the chipset autocheck and driver re-install. I wiped my Quest and did multiple restarts but this was the only thing that worked. Next problem is Unity not seeing Quest 2

I’ve been trying to load the play function with Virtual Desktop (as [a] hand physics seemed to be blocked by Link cable and I wanted a more natural pass through of functions- as hand physics can be seen in Virtual Desktop natively and [b] ease of practise/use – no cables and connections and myriad of other problems – Virtual Desktop is amazing it just works!! Airlink and Link Cable are primitives in comparison) but time to move on to greener pastures and give up VD integration (until I get some spare time or run up against a hard wall). The last page I was looking at was https://forum.unity.com/threads/unity-editor-and-virtual-desktop.881449/ – where I had build a .bat file (Loads Virtual Desktop With Unity.bat) for possibly later development.

That means I’m back to hand integration before I can get back to Unity creation.